Sylwia Olszyńska’s reviews after her performances in Albin Fries’s Nora at the Bartok Opera Festival in Hungary

“…I liked the dramatic presence of some of the lyrical tones, and the beautifully ringing aria of young Nora, sung by Sylwia Olszyńska (soprano) who also performed in the part of Desirée, as well as the spiritual tension of the young Arthur, sung by Valentina Pluzhnikova (mezzo-soprano) in the first act. These two singers presented the love duet with subtle elegance…”

“Sylwia Olszyńska stands out with her visual expression, being a lyric soprano of good caliber, she interpreted Nora and Desirée with a sure, well timbered voice, always suited to the moment currently presented.”

“…The double role of Nora and Desirée: Sylwia Olszyńska’s interpretation is even-tempered, her voice is perfectly clear in the highest register.”