Review of Ewa Majcherczyk’s performance as Musetta at the Silesian Opera

“…Ewa Majcherczyk plays a woman with a strong temperament – initially intensely seductive, almost erotic, then transforms into a slightly haughty figure, yearning for love affairs, and in the last scene she becomes Mimi’s faithful friend who is ready to make sacrifices. It is a great pleasure to watch her Musetta as it is visible that the role is well thought through when it comes to the character’s transformations.

There is no denying that Ewa Majcherczyk is another great voice on stage that evening. Her voice is very warm, which when it comes to sopranos is of great significance. It is a voice with a tremendous performance culture. It does not tire the listener, which is the case with a lot of young sopranos. There is not many of them who do not irritate the listener in the higher register and on this stage, in one show we have two who don’t. Because both Skrzeszewska and Majcherczyk brilliantly control their voices showing an amazing artistry. It is also pleasant, that the singers mentioned by me not only have great voices, but also have great acting preparation. You can see extreme freedom during the show and that impresses the audience.” Adrian Nowak