Reviews after Jan Jakub Monowid’s performance in The Man from Manufaktura at the Grand Theatre in Łódź

“… It is impossible not to mention the countertenor. Jan Jakub Monowid creates a fantastic character, Horse-sailor – a product of Poznański’s imagination. Absurdly surreal in appearance, he can be a voice of the protagonist’s sense and conscience, an inner echo of his desires or the strength motivating him to act. It’s hard to guess. He is not only enigmatic, but also spectacular and eye-catching.”

Beata Fischer, Vissi d’Arte

“… Countertenor, Jan Jakub Monowid, was awarded with big applause – rarely opera parts are entrusted to this type of voice.”

Magdalena Sasin, Kalejdoskop

“… Outstanding countertenor, Jan Jakub Monowid, plays a centaur introduced to the stage by dancers.”

Izabella Adamczewska, Gazeta Wyborcza Łódź

“… Countertenor, Jan Jakub Monowid, in the symbolic role of the Horse-Mariner, sings spectacularly…”

Jacek Marczyński, Rzeczpospolita