Reviews after Joanna Motulewicz’s performance in the Penélopé premiere at the Oper Frankfurt

“…The second major female role was that of Ulysses Amme Euryclée, also set for mezzo-soprano. Joanna Motulewicz sang the role excellently, with warm, beautifully rounded tone.” Kaspar Sannemann

“…In particular, Joanna Motulewicz stood out as Euryclée, Odysseus’ old nurse, with a sonorous, darkly colored mezzo voice.” Alexandra Richter

“…Joanna Motulewicz equips the nurse Euryclée with dark colored mezzo-soprano.” Thomas Molke

“…visually too young, but ideal with her dark mezzo: Joanna Motulewicz…” Roberto Becker

“…The nurse Euryclée (Joanna Motulewicz) and the shepherd Eumée musically present themselves especially well…” Angelika Matthäus

“…From the Frankfurt top level of five very different (…) maids the much too young, but impressively austere nurse of Joanna Motulewicz stood out…” Wolf-Dieter Peter