Reviews after Magdalena Molendowska’s debut as Katerina at the Opera North

“…It’s cast with typical attention to detail. (…) There’s an astonishing display from soprano Magdalena Molendowska’s widow Katerina in Act 3.”, Graham Rickson

“…In her Opera North debut, soprano Magdalena Molendowska brings warm sensuality to the dual role of Katerina /Mary Magdalene, becoming the voice of compassion and sublimating her desire for Manolios into action…”, Cath Annabel

“…There’s tremendous commitment too from a well-chosen cast that includes the radiant soprano of Magdalena Molendowska…”, David Truslove

“…The excellent cast is led by Nicky Spence’s Manolios, (…) the village Mary Magdalene, the soprano Magdalena Molendowska sings with glowing lyricism.”, John Allison

“…Molendowska as Katerina (the village trollop thus type cast as Mary Magdalena) made her very human and someone we with whom we could all identify. (…) The only non-native English speaker in the cast (I think), her diction was both expressive and comprehensible.” Robert Hugill

“…The company gives exemplary performances particularly those from Spence’s portrayal as the spiritual self-sacrificing Manolio and the same with Molendowska as Katerina.”, Dawn Smallwood

“…Magdalena Molendowska’s affecting soprano brings out the pain in her portrayal of the widow Katerina.”, John Murphy

“…Magdalena Molendowska’s Katerina is passionate and memorable.”, Rebecca Frank

“…The rest of the cast is strong. Magdalena Molendowska is a warm-voiced Katerina…”, Mark Pullinger