Reviews from Małgorzata Walewska’s performance in an opera installation Unknown, I Live With You in Brussels

“… Małgorzata Walewska personated the role of a woman deprived of dignity, in a forced marriage, degraded as a human being. This creation is more harrowing than many of her performances in the “real” opera.”

Dorota Kozińska, Upiór w operze

“… In the middle of a circle of spectators, on a quasi-stage, stood Małgorzata Walewska – very different from the one that at the same time was seen on Polish TV screens. She was now wearing blue work clothes, just like a few other women accompanying her. Were they cleaning ladies? Hospital porters? Or maybe workers of a prosectorium, wandering around a young girl lying still on a metal table? (…) The simple, yet rhythmically complex melody was sung by Małgorzata Walewska with an escalating power of expression. Her voice went up in the temple and sinked deep into the audience’s memory. The voice that continued even when the little lighting there was went off and only the darkness remained.”

Jacek Marczyński, Onet Muzyka