Reviews from Małgorzata Walewska’s performance in The Man from Manufaktura at the Grand Theatre in Łódź

“… The female leading part was given to Małgorzata Walewska, singer, whose calling card is striking, expressive creations. And such is the part of Zofia in “The Man from Manufaktura” – strong and fragile at the same time, honest in her feelings, etheric, personifying pain and suffering. Vocally, it is probably the most difficult mezzo-soprano part I have had the chance to hear so far. And who could have handled this neck breaking modern music better than Walewska herself? Although she plays a fictional character, called to life just for the needs of this opera, she is not at all less authentic than her partner on stage Stanisław Kierner.”

Beata Fischer, Vissi d’Arte

“… Then, as well as today, Małgorzata Walewska sang the main female role, as usual excellent not only in singing, but also in acting.”

Dorota Szwarcman, Co w duszy gra

“… Rafał Janiak’s composition is difficult for singers, but at the same time friendly to their voices, and carefully selected soloists of the premiere cast added value to it. In particular, Małgorzata Walewska as Zofia – a character with many faces, from a nineteenth-century feminist to a fibrilist from Polish People’s Republic, real and symbolic. She gave each one of her embodiments an individual feature.”

Jacek Marczyński, Rzeczpospolita

“… Małgorzata Walewska also played wonderfully – vocally, this is probably the most impressive role.”

Magdalena Sasin, Kalejdoskop

“… Fortunately, the final answer does not come, good and evil spirit exchange arguments, angel and satan (…), the couple Zofia – Przybysz, splendidly played by Małgorzata Walewska and Michał Barczak.”

Izabella Adamczewska, Gazeta Wyborcza Łódź