Reviews of Małgorzata Walewska’s performance as Santuzza at the 19th Ada Sari International Vocal Artistry Festival

“… Małgorzata Walewska is the first contemporary Santuzza, about whom I can safely say that she is as good as Santuzzas of the golden age of singing. She has a big voice (when in verismo have you last heard a prima donna, who would clearly have a reserve at the bottom and at the top of her voice range?) and she is able to manipulate it freely from the soft lyric phrases in the first conversation with Alfio, through the dark, chest tones until an impressive top. Even at the conductor’s most frantic fortissimo Ms Walewska’s voice remained stable. Her status as a star and a prima donna from the front pages of newspapers has been fully confirmed.” Marek Błaszczak

“…The character of Santuzza was created by Małgorzata Walewska. Full in color, dense, as though saturated with sunlight mezzo-soprano seems to be made for Mascagni’s music and the dramatic character of the abandoned Sicilian woman. The artist sung the part of Santuzza on the stage of Metropolitan Opera amongst others, hence she has deeply lived through every note, every word of this part which one could fully appreciate.” Anna Woźniakowska