Tadeusz Szlenkier’s reviews after his performances as Pinkerton at the Staatstheater Nürnberg

“…A tenor in the Italian genre, shines on the stage while giving the dull Pinkerton character some vigor using much pathos and verve. He should record his great aria from the third act Addio fiorito asil (…) as an expressive highlight (…) – compassion looks different.”
Opera Point

“…Powerful and effective”

“…The Polish smashing Tenor with proven Puccini-power Tadeusz Szlenkier doesn’t get such chances [as Barno Ismatullaeva – LWM]. The director stamps him off twice: when the macho of yesteryear becomes the weeping coward of today and sends the bitchy model of his choice to clean up the debris.”
 Die deutsche Bühne